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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Update on Severe White line disease case

It has been a while since my last post.  I am writing this as we are driving down the road headed to visit family on Thanksgiving Day.  We had a great clinic in October with Dr. Ric Redden.  I plan to post images from the clinic. We had an interesting mild laminitis case in which we performed venograms the day of the clinic and we did follow up venograms about 2 weeks later.

The case below is one we have been working with for several months and it is coming along very well.  We had our most dramatic increase in sole depth this last cycle and we now are very close to what I would consider a normal sole depth for this size of horse.  The fungal invasion noted by defects in the hoof wall on radiographs and visual inspection is no longer present.  We reset the rocker rails with positive pressure frog bar and plan to have the next visit in conjunction with regular farrier and turn it back over for 2-3 cycles.

Please look back at previous post for comparative photos and radiographs.

We reset the rockers using nails against the hoof wall and superfast adhesive to attach nails to hoof wall.  One roll of 2 inch casting tape was then applied over that.

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