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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cyril's Hoof Spring

This is a technique I learned from a farrier from Switzerland (Cyril Zuber) while at Dr. Redden's advanced equine podiatry class last month.  This case experienced a severe heel bulb laceration about a year ago.  All has healed up but a severe contraction secondary to loss of heel mass from injury and lack of full load bearing has occured.  I can't say if the contraction component is related to any lameness but a more cosmetic hoof could be obtained.

Below is radiographs and photos of the hoof and spring application process.  At the very end is a video of the spring being released showing the action that it is applying to the hoof capsule.

I placed in a custom steel rocker rail to fully load heels and maintain a self adjusting palmar angle with greatly reduced toe lever.