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Friday, October 26, 2012

Images from the October clinic with Dr. Ric Redden.

Hello,  I wanted to thank all the attendees to the in depth equine podiatry lecture and demo with Dr. Ric Redden of International Equine Podiatry Center.  We had some very good cases in which to apply a sound and methodical radiographic and external evaluation.  Using this evaluation a therapeutic shoe was apply to aid in rehabilitation of each case.  

We are planning a follow up clinic November 17th to recheck and reset each case.  This will be a great opportunity to see the response radiographically.  

This first case is a grade 2+ club cases used as western and english pleasure as well as some roping.  

This is a case with navicular bone changes that had responded to increase in palmar angle and reduction in digital breakover but was not consistently going sound.  Dr. Redden applied an aluminum rocker rail.  Look at the TSA and the distance the navicular is from the proximal p2 between the pre and post shoe radiographs.

This patient has had some undiagnosed recurring lameness.  Today no in depth workup was performed but a shoe to enhance foot mass recovery and increase sole depth was applied.

This is a many year chronic laminitis.  Goal with the rockered aluminum rail is to decrease DDFT tension unloading the apex of the coffin bone and the tension forces at the horn/lamellar zone.  This places breakover in the center of articulation.  This will improved compromised circulation in the dorsal region of hoof and a more even hoof growth from toe to heel is expected as well as improved sole depth.

This case had an acute bout of laminitis about 6 months ago.  Venograms show that circumflex is above the apex of  coffin bone and compressed tightly to tip of coffin bone as well.  Dorsal lamellar zone on the right front is broken and a void of contrast is present at coronary plexus.  No solar papillae are evident even at an increased to 20 degree palmar angle which should unload DDFT by 60 percent.  Treatment included derotational shoeing followed by a deep digital flexor tenotomy.